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Most requested Info about Diving in Trinidad and Tobago

I am thinking of learning to dive, what should I know about the sport and choosing a school ?
Learning to dive is safe, easy and fun. Before engaging in the sport one should complete a recognized course. This is a very common question, that we are often asked .........
First, you need to choose an Instructor, most certifying agencies allow only a fully certified Instructor, not their assistants / divemasters, to conduct all phases of training. SCUBA instructors can teach independently or be attached to a dive facility, most importantly the Instructor should be able to provide proof that they are an Instructor and teach in the year in question. Since most certifying agencies require Instructors to renew their teaching status annually, the instructor should be able to show proof of authorization to teach and certify for the current year. If there are doubts the Instructor should be willing to give the address and the phone number for the head office of the certifying body so that the credentials could be checked.
To most of us the cost of the course is an important factor. However, THERE CAN BE NO COMPROMISE HERE FOR SAFETY. You should know from the start what the total cost of training and certification is going to be; like many other programs there are many components that go together to make up a complete training package. An example of what you may expect to find in a package price may be the following : a manual with a dive planner (tables), a log book, the certification card / registration with the training agency, pool or confined water sessions, open water dives and use of all SCUBA equipment required for the course. Many instructors / facilities expect students to have their own set of personal gear namely a mask, snorkel and pr. of fins. If you do not already own these items, read a manual or ask your local dive center for advice on how to choose a set of SCUBA quality equipment. If the course is not offered as a package, you may want to enquire as to the cost of the separate components making up the full certification program.
We have more info available, please send mail requesting whatever info you may require, or call us at 634-2872, write to us info@divetnt.com, with no obligation, the info is free !!

Why Should I choose to dive or train with DiveTnT Ltd?
1. SAFETY diving since 1976, teaching since 1986, never an accident, case of bends or incidents resulting in injury.
2. Personalized Service - I do all my teaching and am in the water at all stages with my divers / students !
3. Fun and Adventure

As a PADI Instructor I offer personalized training with new SCUBA equipment all maintained in accordance with PADI guidelines, I change equipment every two years so one can be assured to have proper gear. I am in the water at all times as required by PADI, offering the years of experience and safety to my students and divers alike. Students going to the Open Water with me will do the minimum of four dives, all boat dives that are guided.

How do you arrive at the costing for a beginner level course ?
This is an easy question to answer and most persons have agreed that the fees are very fair ....
First consider that I have never had an accident while training or diving.
I have been teaching since 1986 - actively and now have close to 13,000 dives (Nov 2005), students get experience, safety and lots of stories .......
I do all the teaching and am in the water myself thereby ensuring maximum safety.
I am a "current and financial" member of PADI - The Professional Association of Diving Instructors and I must pay member dues annually, to continue to be able to teach and certify. Always be sure to see the Instructors card, it should have some indication that they are currently certified to teach for the year you are in.
The PADI OW package is sold at approx $65USD with shipping.
PADI Card (if you pass :-) $40 USD with shipping to and from TT
4 dives incl. Equipment/Instructor with boat (some do not use a boat) - we use a boat, a captain and a helper. priced at approx. $ 50 USD per dive incl. equipment (compare with a dive anywhere) = $ 200 USD
3-5 Pool / Confined Water Sessions including the use of equipment factored at approx $ 35USD each session conservatively = $105 - $175 USD.
5 Theory Sessions factored by me at approx. $30 USD per class =$175 USD
That would be a total of approx. $705 USD = $ 4475 TTD

After We have learned to dive, do you offer dives / trips ?
Certainly, I dive down the islands in Trinidad regulalry and in Tobago at least every once or twice a month on weekends, please see the updated calendar for details of trips. All you need do is to drop me a line or call and I can arrange a package for you depending on how many dives you wish to do or depending on your budget.

What makes your dive trips so enjoyable ?
Several reasons :
1. The Safety !!!
2. I enjoy diving and we tend to be in the water for as long as we can, we do not end our dives promptly at 45 mins for eg at 60 feet / 18 m ........
3. We dive more ...... I enjoy diving Tobago and cover Speyside, Charlotteville and The Sisters down to Castara In Tobago with occasional exploratory dives ! In Trinidad we dive Down The islands, and up the north coast when the conditions are good.

Diving appears to be a very expensive sport, how do you arrive at the pricing for a dive ?
When you come diving with us you are paying for three support staff, a boat Captain, a helper/spotter, and a divemaster, you do not have to lug heavy gear around, nor take your gear home to wash after use, we do this for you. You can truly enjoy the dive holiday / trip simply step onto the boat from the pier and off we go. Our pricing includes, the boat fees, the air and weights, and for a few more dollars one can include the scuba gear. Even so our prices are still below what many may charge.

Tobago has been described as having, rough advanced diving conditions, how rough is it ?
There are many very easy divesites around Tobago, we do have advanced sites that may be considered as advanced due to factors such as currents, surge and surface water conditions. Many have remarked that once underwater the conditions are actually easy. Most of the sites are gently sloping reefs and so once can choose whatever depth they like to stay at, some of the sites around St. Giles and the Sisters will have steep walls dropping off to 120 feet, the surface water can be a little choppy there but once in the water the dive is quite easy. Some of the easy dive sites include : Pirate's Bay Reef, Breakfast Bay, Booby Rock and Melville Reef.

Where is DiveTnT Ltd. Located ?
We are based in Charlotteville, Tobago and Freeport, Trinidad. Our diving is mostly out of Charlotteville and Speyside In Tobago or Down the Islands in Trinidad. We do sometimes go up the north coast when conditions are good.
I offer the SCUBA courses mainly in Trinidad, during the "off season"doing pool and theory classes.

Can we go out to see the Manta Rays as advertised ?
A couple of years ago I would easily say YES, definitely within a few dives we would have seen one or several manta rays, some divers with me have seen manta(s) up to fifteen times on one dive. Unfortunately some magazines and divemasters have promoted "taking a ride on a Tobago taxi" referring to our Manta Rays, it is my belief that this has provoked and harassed the mantas to the extent that they no longer frequent the areas that they used to and so divers have seen them less and less. While we would be able to "guarantee" a manta experience in the past it can no longer be so.

Once I choose to come diving what should I do next ?
First call or write me an e-mail or call to ensure that I am available for the period you intend to visit for.
Tel. (868) 634-2872, or send me e-mail at : info@divetnt.com

Links To DiveTnT Ltd and Diving in Tobago
I prefer BWIA our National Airline to get to Tobago, you can pay online, check flights and make bookings here, you can also use Tobago Express or Caribbean Star or LIAT.
When you get to Tobago you can rent a car, or hire a taxi to get to Charlotteville -
Call Royal Taxi (868) 639-8153 (Lester or Gemmo) or Call Lester at home 639-8857,
they offer my guests special rates, and will meet you at the airport.
Once in Charlotteville you can stay at a number of places, the choice is yours, see some of the accommodations at the website indicated. Of course I would be happy to help as usual.

What are we likely to see while diving ?
Easy question to answer, look through almost any fish and / or marine life book on the Caribbean and chances are within a few days you might have seen almost all of the common life, lots of fish, hard and soft corals, and occasionally a shark and if we are lucky a manta or two. Take a look at the photo albums listed on the entry page.

Do you dive in Trinidad also ?
Once conditions are good I am happy to dive in Trinidad, mostly "down the islands".
Remember the water in Trinidad can be cold down deep, and some have expressed dissapointment that the water clarity is not the blue that people expect of the Caribbean. Our waters tend to be a murky brown green color due to the amount of fresh water from our land and from South America via the Orinoco.

What are your views on Spearfishing ?
Like most activities, Spearfishing and Underwater Collecting has a time and place !! We enjoy spearfishing and collecting very much, however spearfishing is never done with students or beginners in the water, nor in any areas designated as Marine Parks, or recommended as such. Unless a fish is going to be eaten, it should not be hunted, and the shot should not be attempted unless it is a "sure" one, one should not take a shot on an off chance, this tends to injure the marine life recklessly. As far as the lobsters go I have some simple rules : if you have to damage the reef, leave them, if they are too small 3inch carapace - leave them, if it is has eggs leave it ! You are not allowed to shoot a lobster on our trips !

Do you have a question, drop me a line and I would be
happy to answer you !

Choose safety and experience, come for the fun and adventure !

We are open :
Mon - Fri. : 8 am - 5 p.m.
Sat : 8am - 12 noon
or by Appointment
DiveTnT Ltd
Coral Cove Marina & Hotel
Western Main Road
Chaguaramas, Trinidad WI

Telephone :
Office : (868) 634-2872
Mobile :(868) 789-3057
E-Mail : info@divetnt.com

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