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Mary, Amy and Captain Junior aboard 2 Slo

1. The Sisters rocks : At least three - four good dive sites here, although if you see the hammerheads on the outer reef first you will only want to do that dive over and over again !
Hammerhead Alley : this is the outer reef, at the main rocks, it comprises great hard and soft corals and an abundance of small reef life, there are also many turtles in the area and a few caverns and caves, lots of big rocks that look like underwater mountains with sandy passages at around 80 -100 feet (25-30m) which the hammerheads seem to enjoy swimming around in.
Sisters Reef : This is the easier of the dive sites around the sisters, we start at the north tip and work our way down the inside facing Tobago, it is a gently sloping reef and it bottoms out at the top at around 100 feet (30m).
As with most of the dive sites, we do this one at around 60 feet (18m). A great dive for an abundance of reef fish and the occasional nurse shark, turtles, reef sharks and some snappers, we often see the spiny lobster here.
The Little Sister : is a submerged rock, the tip of which rises to around 30 feet (10m) below the sea surface, a great dive for the bigger pelagic fishes, and snapper and groupers, the rock drops off to around 130 feet (40m). Because of the entry and descent without reference I consider this advanced.

2. The Brothers : A group of rocks closer in to the mainland of Tobago than the sisters, it offers interesting topography, the inside is just 50 feet (14m) deep and the outside and south part of the rock is at around 100 feet (30m). There are some huge almost square and rectangular boulders on which there is reef growth on the south side, and lots of fish holes and small caves in which lots of life hide, carry a light !

3. Castara : is a beautiful bay on the Leeward coast, the beach and village is an excellent stop between dives on the side of the island. There are a few dives here, but the most popular is the one at the northern point. An easy dive with some interesting rock formations. Generally easy diving.

4. Englishman's bay : is another very pretty bay on the Leeward side of the island, easy to get to by sea, it offers a great view and very nice beach for a surface interval. The northern side of the the bay offers a gentle reef with lots of fish life and some great snorkeling, when the water is calm.

5. LadyComb : This site can be done when the water is calm, it can be great with the right conditions. It starts around 30 feet (10m) and drops of gently to around 90 feet (27m). On the deeper side of the reef there is sand and there are many pelagics that make their way in around the reef here, we see stingrays and some sharks at this site.

6. Obeah Man Point : An Obeah man is described as similar to a witch doctor or a voodoo man ! The dive site here is advanced.

7. Gardener Rock : This rock rises from approx. 110 feet (33 m), and barely breaks the surface, although it is clearly visible by the waves around it.

8. Booby Rock ( Big Rock) : A relatively easy dive site within minutes from the pier, because the prevailing winds blow onto this exposed side of the bay the vis. is not always great here, on a clam day it makes for a nice easy dive.

9. Pirate's Bay Reef : A beginner's dive starts from waist deep water, and one can follow a sandy bottom with the reef alongside out to approx. 45 feet where the sand follows the reef to the Charlotteville Pier. A very easy dive, with lots of critters and some turtles and even the odd lobster. One of the few shore dives, always a favorite.

10. Landslide / Man Of War Bay Reef : Another relatively easy dive site, although this one is a boat entry, the water is usually calm and the dive is well suited for beginners, check out dives, refreshers, and great for a night dive.

11. Breakfast Bay / Long Rock : Info coming soon, write for details !

12. Sanga Rock : Info coming soon, write for details !

13. Iguana Bay : Info coming soon, write for details !

14. London Bridge :Info coming soon, write for details !

15. Marble Island : Info coming soon, write for details !

16. Washaroe : Info coming soon, write for details !

17. Rocky Mountains / Few Man / Melville Drift : Info coming soon, write for details !

18. Melville Reef / Three Rock : Info coming soon, write for details !

19. Sail Rock : Info coming soon, write for details !

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