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At the large brain coral in Speyside : Carl, Mark, Margaret and Natalie

Tobago is mainly a volcanic island so there are many large rocks, cliffs and overhangs, as well as gently sloping coral reefs. On this part of the island there are many unspoiled reefs offering a diversity of marine life. It is not uncommon on our dives to see Manta Rays, Lobsters, large Midnight Blue and Green Parrotfish, Jewfish, groupers and many Snappers. The reef is teeming with tropical reef fish, all very pretty and many growing to large sizes. The fish and marine life are naturally well fed, since the islands location is close enough to the South American mainland to supply all the life with tremendous amounts of nutrients and plankton; this comes to us via the Guyana Currents that travel up the South American mainland, meet with the Orinoco River outflow, and then pass our islands on their east coasts.

Speyside :

Kelliston Drain / Little Tobago Drift (24) : This is considered one of the favorite dives on the island, it offers one of our best chances of seeing the Manta Rays, it starts as a flat reef in as little as 15 feet to 60 feet and slopes gently down, we pass by one of the largest measured brain corals in the world on this dive. The divesite rating is usually easy, occasionally there is a strong current, so at times it will be rated for experienced divers. A very beautiful dive.

Blackjack hole -Little Tobago Island (25) : Just two minutes separates the above dive and this one, but they are both different; the reef drops away more sharply here although the dive starts in just 15 feet of water; many schools of fish abound in this area, it is a very easy dive, which ends roughly where Kelliston Drain starts. There is also a good chance of seeing the manta rays on this dive.

 Bookends (27) : This is an outcropping of rocks which from a distance resemble two bookends without the books in-between, a beautiful dive, with a gently sloping coral reef. Usually there are only slight currents which will carry the divers along at an easy pace. Depending on where one starts this dive it can be rated a little more difficult than the preceding two, but only as far as the entry goes. At the start of the dive one is very likely to see the 3-5 foot tarpons swimming around close to the surface. Further down the reef there are many schools of snapper and the usual abundance of reef fish and life.

Do It: This is another group of rocks which are located just south of the dive "blackjack hole," it may be rated as a dive for the experienced diver since the surface is usually a bit rougher than the other dives, the site being more out to sea and therefore exposed. This rock has a steep side which is covered in corals and sponges of all kinds, the other being shallower, but equally covered with corals, many turtles are seen around here. There are usually currents at the western point and this sometimes prevents the divers from making all the way around the rock, hence the name.....Did you do it ? Do what ? Get all the way round the rocks ! A spectacular dive for the advanced, although during the period June to October it is usually easy for all to do.

Shark Bank (28) : This site is also for the more advanced diver, usually done as a deep dive, this rock/reef is also exposed, ands tends to be a bit rough on the surface, the sides of the rocks are covered with coral and drop away sharply. Much reef life exists here, including an occasional shark of course.

Japanese Gardens (23) : Another one of the great Speyside dives. The dive starts at on end of Goat Island and you swim over a reef filled with corals and sponges of all types, this start area is swarming with reef fish of all types, as you get to the point the current picks up, get close to the divemaster as they lead you through a rock passage at around 45 feet that ends with you being dumped over a beautifully landscaped area resembling that of a Japanese garden. A dive for everyone, beginners should be under the wing of the divemaster at the point where the currents are, the rest of the dive is very easy.

Angel Reef (22) : A beautiful, and very easy dive for all. The advanced divers may want to go deep and the novices stay shallow, there's something for everyone here. The dive starts at a point just in front of the house on Goat island and there is sometimes a gentle current here.

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